Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Log in as Another user or Admin User

While working with Drupal based project, many times we needs to check different menus with other users account.  Masquerade module is the best solution to handle such situation.

The Masquerade module is useful to those users who wants to temporarily switch to another user account. It also provide option to switch back to the original account.

We can use this module for Individual users as well as specific to  User Role

Steps to use Masquerade  module in Drupal 7
  1. Download  Masquerade module and place it to sites/all/modules folder.
  2. Install that module from Admin , Modules
  3. Set "Masquerade" block from Admin, Structure, Block.
  4. Set permission. We can configure "Masquerade" module in two ways
    1. User Level: 

      1. Go to Admin,  People 
      2. Edit any user profile. Specify usernames what we needs to switch from edited user account in comma separated.

    2. Role Level

      1. Go to Admin , People, Permission.
      2. Set following permissions to specific role

 After implement above settings when  user login following block will appear in page.

When we specify any other user in textbox and press Go button block appear as follows

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